My first camera was a Brownie. Such a simple little Christmas gift given me by my father was truly a thrill, capturing the magic of life with the click of a shutter. My father filled our lives with this magic. Every moment was captured. And because of his love for photography, we now have treasured memories. His talent and eye he imparted to me, and his passion became mine. No matter what captured, no matter how simple, it was wonderful.

My mother lived to create. Every level of her life entailed an eye for the possibilities in artistic expression. Her beauty and love of fashion, a home enlivened with color and style, and a love of food and cooking that was the soul of our home and the heart of our lives. Beyond entertaining, even the simplest of meals had style and flair. Her love permeated my childhood, and I made that love my own.

Over the years, such instilled artistry found expression in my own life. I discovered the beauty and action of modeling, the reward of entertaining, the passion for fabulous gourmet cooking, and the pleasure of interior design. I delight in the unique satisfaction of styling an experience, and capturing that experience, for others to enjoy.

See by Shelley became an inspiration, needing to be shared, designed to take a moment and create a memory. It would be a pleasure to create that moment and memory for you.

I welcome your thoughts, your questions, and also your suggestions.

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